accidentally deleted

hi guys.

as it turns out today, i deleted my blog by accident. my entire account, gone. it didn’t feel as bad as i thought it would, but it was a little sad. a url and identity i had used almost daily was now gone, but really it felt like a bit of a relief after the shock settled in. i’d been thinking about starting anew but felt too attached to the blog as it was, and now fate has kind of kicked me in the ass and kicked me out.

i just wanted for everyone following me to know what happened. i’ll still be on tumblr, wandering around with a different url. i don’t think at this point in time i want to share it publicly, and it’s not like i’ve launched headfirst into a new blog already. if you want to contact me personally, just shoot me a message on here off anon! i’d like to keep in contact with anyone who wants to keep in contact with me, of course. and i’m sure once i’m back to blogging you’ll find a little follow/reblog trail and stumble upon me.. who knows.

blogging and coding as arsmagnus was fun. i’m sorry for everyone who was waiting for themes from me, and who had messaged me (i posted some replies just before my account was accidentally deleted, sorry anons if you didn’t see them!!) i really enjoyed hanging out with you guys and stuff.


.. for now c: